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Here is some of our newly arrived stock, to see our full range please click on the Stock menu above.

  • Door

Cottage Style Front Door

90 cm x 194.5 cm

  • staddle stones

2 large Original Staddle Stones

  • front door

Stained Glass 1930s Front Door

98 cm x 212 cm

  • pannelimg
  • pannelimg
  • pannelimg

Solid Oak frame panneling with oak veneer panels.

Reclaimed from a 1950s mock tudor house.

2.15 and 1meter in height, around 34 m2

  • Cotswold Flagstone
  • Cotswold Flagstone
  • Cotswold Flagstone
  • Cotswold Flagstone
  • Cotswold Flagstone

Reclaimed interior grade Cotswold Limestone Flooring

45 m2 avaiable

  • Copper Bowl
  • Copper Bowl
  • Copper Bowl

Original Large Copper Bowl with Lid

50 cm high x 70 cm wide

  • Stools
  • Stools

Old School stacking stools, metal frame with wood top.

60 cm high

  • Urns

Pair French style Cast iron Urns

  • Table

Reclaimed Pine Kitchen Table

213 cm x 89 cm

  • Garden Table

2 meter diameter garden table with 8 chairs

  • Basin

Original Cut Cornered Royal Doulton Wash Basin

  • Doors

Set Original Pine panel room diverders.

220 cm wide x 268 cm high

  • pine flooring
  • pine flooring

Reclaimed Pine Flooring, 6 3/4" wide

145 m2 all from one house

  • Door

Ledge and Brace Door with Stain Glass window

Made from Reclaimed Pine

32 1/2" x 78"

Leda and the Swan Statue with Purbeck Stone Plinth

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