Dorset Reclamation - Stock: New Stock

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New Stock

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  • Pier Caps

Pair Terracotta Pier Caps

  • Windows

Set 4 Gothic style Crittall windows

2 opening, 2 fixed. Sold as set.

Large iron estate gates.

14 foot wide x 6 foot 6" tall

  • York Flagstone
  • York Flagstone
  • York Flagstone
  • York Flagstone

New Stock Reclaimed York Flagstone

180 m2 available

  • Large Trough

Original Large Sandstone Trough

117 cm x 66 cm 44.5 cm

  • Iron Pavilion

English Made Iron Pavilion with seat

2 meters x 2.9 meters

  • Bricks

Wire Cut Bricks

6,500 in stock

  • Stone Trough

Original Sandstone D Trough

  • Ham Stone Staddle Stones

Lovely Pair Original Hamstone Staddle Stones

  • Window

Large Original Stain Glass windows in Frame in Excellent condition

  • urns

Pair Georgian Style Urns