Dorset Reclamation - Stock: Garden Ornaments

The following pages contain examples of stock from our warehouse that is representative of the quality and range of our goods.

Garden ornaments, stone troughs, staddle stones, urns, stone urns, statues, cast iron, bird baths, fountains, roof finials, tables & chairs, benches, cast iron bench, lead planters, lamp posts, chimney pots, mill wheels, Ancient staddle stones and troughs, garden benches, decorative garden urns, bird baths, gargoyles, old iron gates, wall and pier caps, cloches, portico columns, garden quality butler sinks, water pumps, marble sundials, stone ornaments, water fountains and features, original mill stones, gazebos, old farm machinery, stone statues, sculptures and foe dogs, and other garden items .

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  • Pier Caps

Pair Original Terracotta Ball Pier Caps

  • Gargolyes

2 Weathered Gargoyles.

Sold individually or as a pair


Set of four season weathered statues

  • Table and Chair Set

English Made Iron and wood slat Table and Chairs set

  • Bench
  • Bench

English Made Iron and wood slat Bench

  • Planter

Nicely weathered Reconstituted Stone Planter

  • Large Trough
  • Large Trough
  • Large Trough

Original Large Sandstone Trough

117 cm x 66 cm x 17.5 cm

  • Trough

Sand Stone Double Trough

67 cm x 45 cm

  • Staddle Stones

Ham Stone Staddle Stones

Sold individually or as a pair

  • Pair Planters

Pair Garden Planters

  • Boy Statue

Nicely weathered Boy Statue

  • Urn on plinth

Urn Planter on plinth

  • Statue

Lady Statue with Plinth

  • Water Feature

Lady On Shell Water Feature

  • Water Tank

Galvanized Water Tank

72 cm x 53 cm 56 cm

  • Trough

Original Sherborne Stone D Trough

60 cm x 51 cm

  • Trough

Original Sherborne Stone Trough

42 cm x 52 cm

  • Staddle Stones

Lovely Pair Hamstone Staddle Stones

  • Pier Caps

Reclaimed Pair Rounded Terracotta Pier Caps

  • Granite Trough

Old Granite Trough

84 cm x 67 cm x 33 cm

  • Granite Trough

Reclaimed Granite Trough

78 cm x 65 cm x 33 cm

  • Stone Trough

Old Stone Trough

55 cmx 44 cm x 18 cm

  • Stone Trough

Old Stone Trough

49 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm

  • Stone Trough

Old Stone Trough

  • Stone Trough
  • Stone Trough

Reclaimed Stone Trough

  • Stone Trough

Old Stone D- Trough

56 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm

  • Planter
  • Planter

Weathered Planter on Plinth

  • teak

Square Teak table and 4 chairs

Table and chairs fold up

Table 100 cm x 100 cm

  • teak

Rectangle Teak Table with 4 chairs.

Table and chairs fold up.

Table 150 x 80

  • Bird bath
  • Bird bath

Original Purbeck Stone Bird Bath

Stands at 30" High

Base 16" X 16"

Top 12.5" X 12.5"

  • teak

4 feet Teak Bench

  • teak

Teak bench and 2 chairs.

Can be sold as set or individually.

  • chair

Teak Chair with cushion

  • teak set

Selection of Teak Garden Furniture.

Can be sold as set or individually

  • bench

Teak Bench.

Cushion sold separately.

  • bench

Teak bench complete with cushion

  • bench

Half round teak bench complete with cushion

Garden Folding Coffee Table

Solid Teak

50cm Diameter X 50cm High

Garden Folding Coffee Table

Solid Teak

50cm Square X 50cm High

Solid Teak Folding Table With 4 Chairs

Table 120cm Diameter X 75cm High

Solid Teak Bench

150cm Wide X 55cm Deep X 93cm High

Lattice Tazza
Teak Stacking Chairs
Pair Ball Finials
Gothic Planter
Crown Gazebo 3.1 meters high x 2.1 meters wide
Royal Doulton Tazza
Made from Reconstituted Stone
29" High 19" Diameter
Small Georgian Tazza.
Made from reconstituted Stone
71cm High x 64cm Diameter
Large Georgian Taza made from reconstituted stone. Base 60 cm, 107 cm High, Bowl 109 cm
French Lion Mask Urn on Plinth
Pair of Boar Statues
Cast Iron Horse Head
Terracotta Planter with Stand
Pair of Standing Whippets
Temple Garden Arch
Plain Garden Arch
Thomas Hope vase with classic figures attending the feast of Apollo originally designed by Thomas Hope for Eleanor Coade
Available as single or pair
A Pair of Georgian period inspired urns, decorated with faun head handles, scrolled leaves and egg and dart moulding on the lip.
British made Bell Palace
11 ft wide 11ft high
Harewood Jardinere
33" high 40"wide
Pair of Phoenix Griffins
20" high
Ridge top finals
Hawk, Owl and two headed Horse
Dragon ridge top finials
Staddle stones
Cast Iron Horse Shoe Bench
Pair of Reconstituted column's
Cast iron Bollards
32" high
Cast iron fern bench
Large cast iron stag 150cm high
3 Leg Iron Arbor
Round Bird Bath 84 cm High Top diameter 46 cm Base 32 cm square
Octagonal Bird Bath 88 cm High Top 41 cm Base 32 cm square
Large Traditional Bird Bath 93 cm High Top 47 cm square Base 41 cm square
Classic Pentworth Bird Bath 79 cm High Top diameter 73 cm Base diameter 46 cm
Hunting Dogs On Plinths
Bell Pavilion
2 meters wide
2.9 meters high
Pair Lying Whippets on Plinths
Pair Ball Finials
2 Tier Fountain and Surround
2.3m high 2.1m wide
large lamp post
305 cm Tall
medium lamp post
248 cm Tall
Lions On Plinths
Fruit Pier Caps
Dragon Ridge Tile
Large Dragon Ridge Tile
Large Contempery water feature
Rams Head Cast Iron bench
Cast iron Lamp post
Large Fountain