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The following pages contain examples of stock from our warehouse that is representative of the quality and range of our goods.

Pine doors, panel doors, planked doors, oak doors, glass panelled doors, reclaimed doors, French doors, iron door furniture, brass door furniture, brass knobs, brass door handles, brass hinges, beehive knobs, letterboxes, Doors and Windows with Furniture, External and internal glazed doors, leaded window lights, window stays, T- hinges and latches, brass and wood door knobs, planked doors, Victorian four panel doors, antique brass door and window furniture.

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Pair Glazed Doors
54" wide x 79.5" high
£ 295
Pair Glazed Doors
45" wide x 83.5" high
Pane of glass missing
£ 265
1930's front door with stained glass side windows and keys for both locks
£ 475
Stain glass front door
33 3/4" x 82"
£ 365
Oak door
33 3/4" x 81 1/2"
£ 325
Glazed white door
33" x 78"
£ 125
Pair of pine glazed doors
65.5" x 78.5"
Stain glass door
Stain glass door
Bronze eagle door
knocker 23cm long
£ 135
Oak Plank door
29" x 77"