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The following pages contain examples of stock from our warehouse that is representative of the quality and range of our goods.

Roof tiles, bricks, reclaimed bricks, peg tiles, Bricks, Roofing and Quarry Tiles, reclaimed wire cut and soft red bricks. Mellow Victorian quarry floor tiles in black, buff and red. Clay roof pegged, nibbed, double Roman, pan and slate tiles.

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Over 1,500 Broadmayne Bricks in Stock
Bridgewater 20 holes engineering bricks 2,500 available
Soft reds with weathering 2,500 available
Pale soft reds 4,500 available
Soft reds reclaimed from Bournemouth 5,000 in stock
6 Matching Chimney Pots
Dragon ridge top finials
Ridge top finals
Hawk, Owl and two headed Horse
Dorset c 1850 soft face bricks large quantities available
Handmade Bricks
Over 1,200 in Stock
Decorative roof finials
Reclaimed Ridge Tiles always in Stock