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Fireplaces, cast iron fireplaces, marble fireplaces, pine fire surrounds, stone fireplaces, antique and reclaimed fireplaces, repro fireplaces, Victorian and Edwardian fireplaces, Art Deco and Art Nouveau, Chimney pieces and firegrates, Original Wood, marble and stone chimney pieces, register and hob grates, arched and tiled inserts, every size of log grate with fire dogs, wood burner stoves, kitchen stoves and accoutrements.

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Original Marble Fire Surround
£ 1,650
£ 365
Cast iron tiled insert
Cast iron tiled insert
Pine surround
£ 225
Original Victorian rouge marble fire surround 67" wide x 49" high x 9" deep
Original high quality curved tiled insert
38" x 38"
New Limestone fire surround
£ 650
Original and complete Edwardian combination fireplace
£ 475
Minster fireplace
122cm wide 105cm high
£ 425
Minster fireplace
137cm wide 109cm high
£ 450